Costa Brava is the Place Where Leisure and Luxury Meet Simplicity and Natural Beauty
Costa Brava has become a popular holiday destination during the last decades, attracting more and more tourists, without deflowering the natural landscape. Resorts, hotels, restaurants and other tourist facilities were built and helped promoting the whole area as a major vacation destination. However, Costa Brava also has important historical attractions to show and even more to be visited.

The Ruins of Empuries is the main evidence of the historical importance of the area during the past centuries. The Emp├║ries was a town founded in 575 BC by Greek colonists, but it was abandoned because of the marauders and pirates. The visitor can see some of the best-preserved Greek and Roman ruins in Europe, while feeling awe for the history of the place. Another similar sight is the Roses Citadel, an abandoned fortification in the municipality of Roses. The fortification was built in order to protect the traders from the Iberians and the thieves and became very important soon after. There are various buildings in its surrounds, such as the Castell de la Trinitat and the monastery of Santa Maria de Roses.

On the other hand, the Montgri Castle, in Torroella de Montgri, is an attraction which needs guts and durability to reach it. It is located on the top of a hill and it totally deserves the 45 minutes walking on rocky paths. Moreover, many couples choose Costa Brava as their marriage place and the El Convent De Blanes is used to be the number one selection for such events. It is about a small, but lovely chapel, where many wedding took place due to its splendid location along the cliffs and in the middle of romantic gardens.

All the above sights and attractions are splendid options for those who like getting around and away from the crowded coastline. The best for you is to combine relaxing by the sea and visit some of the historical places of the area. That would be ideal!